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Houston Mobile Shredding

Houston Document Shredding connects Houston businesses and homes to several flexible shredding services in Houston and the greater Texas area. We’ll help keep you secure with affordable shredding services, no matter the size of the job.

A professional shredding service is the best solution when it comes to throwing out documents containing private information.  Businesses that fail to do so are often failing to be compliant with local and federal privacy laws, while homes that do not shred personal documents before tossing them open themselves up to a number of risks, including identity theft. Protect your home and business from data breaches and theft with Houston Document Shredding today. We make the process easy so you can relax and feel reassured about your security.

mobile shredding services in Houston, TX

Learn more about safeguarding yourself or your business against the hazards of improper document disposal by giving us a call at (713) 893-8056 or requesting a free quote today.

On site or mobile shredding entails bringing a mobile shredding truck to your office. Shredding trucks are completely self-contained and will operate without any outside power source. They can shred in no time what it would take you weeks to shred with a basic desk shredder.

If you want to watch your documents being shredded, then on site shredding is the solution for your business. Shredding trucks process 6,000 pounds an hour so many projects only take a couple of minutes. In moments, a shred truck can finish the standard business shredding purge. They will handle jobs from a single box to thousands of boxes.

For regularly scheduled shredding, locked cabinets are provided to your office at no charge. You simply collect any unwanted papers then the driver shows up on a standard schedule and protects your sensitive business data from getting into the competitors’ hands.

How On Site Shredding Works in Houston

  • Save up everything you need shredded. Don’t worry about removing folders or paperclips.
  • Materials are shredded into a sealed box located inside the truck. You can witness the complete shredding process.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is supplied for all work completed.
  • The shredded bits of paper are compacted, pulped down, and recycled into tissue.

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Our Houston professionals take their jobs and your security seriously. For excellent customer service, secure shredding, and affordable rates call us at (713) 893-8056 or fill out the form on the left. We will get you free quotes from local experts.

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